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Career VS Job

We all have passions or hobbies in life. Not too many of us get to live our passions daily and many others are caught up in the world. But what is the real difference between a Career and a Job?
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A career has a step-by-step progression. People usually get an entry-level job in something they are good at or have a certification. In addition, with time passing by, they would build up experience and new skills thus receiving promotions or higher levels jobs offers.

A career is what we all look forward to when graduating or completing a course. However, do we all get there?

It is simple. Almost everyone has to go through the ‘’Just a Job’’ period. Where what we do is just for a living and to pay bills. This period might feel as if you’re stuck and unhappy, but to level up, you will need to take extra courses and improve your skills.

Stay positive and keep the hard work!

While on your first career steps, you should remember to invest not only productivity and efficiency but also emotional energy. This is a basic element for you to learn, level-up and be happy in your workplace. People work excellently when happy!

If your current situation sounds more like a job than a career than try and do not let go. Be aware that this is most probably not going to last too long, and you are doing your best

Looking to level up but do not have time for that?

If you feel like your work skills are getting old or you are falling behind with the recent developments: consider taking an online course/education.

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