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"An internship in Denmark can change your life"

22 year-old Marketing Management student from Spain is using her mother tongue as part of her internship in Denmark. Ana Baeza welcomed us at Lead Supply and shared her internship experiences so far.
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Q: Why did you choose Denmark? 

A: I met a Danish group that visited my school in Spain. They were polite and smiling, and these things attracted me. I always wanted to work in companies with young and international people and also I knew that in the country there are many entrepreneurs so I told myself: I need to try to live in Denmark. 


 Q: Why did you choose to study Marketing Management?

 A: I always knew I wanted to study Advertising. Before coming to Denmark, I studied an AP Degree in Spain and a Top-up in England in International Business Communication. I consider myself a global citizen. When I found out the possibility of studying Marketing Management in Denmark, I knew it was for me, so I applied.


Q: How did you find your internship? 

A: My goal was to find an internship in Denmark in the big cities, like Copenhagen or Aarhus, so I started to search through Google. I knew I wanted to work with digital marketing, even if I had no experience with it. I applied to all the digital marketing companies I found and I got answers from many of them. For me, Lead Supply was the most interesting. I had an interview with them, they saw my ambition and enthusiasm and offered me a place.


Q: What are your tasks at Lead Supply? 

A: Every 2-3 weeks we are doing workshops where I learn new things. I learn about digital marketing and I am using my mother tongue to help the Danish company on the Spanish and the Mexican market. I am working with SEO, looking for the best keywords and writing landing pages. Also, I am in touch with Spanish and Mexican newspapers and I am writing advertorials for them. I am also responsible for creating content for newsletters. Sometimes I am participating at fairs to promote the internship to other students. 


Q: How do you feel about your internship? Does it meet your expectations? 

A: An internship in Denmark can change your life. I know it changed mine in just 2 months and now I know more clearly what I want. I am glad for my internship at Lead Supply because I am in a continuous process of learning something new daily and now my vision for the future is clearer than ever. 


Q: How are your colleagues? How have you been welcomed in the company? 

A: It was easy to integrate. Lead Supply welcomed the interns with a party and they organise events so we get to know each other. I have many international colleagues and it is easy to bond with each other. We even have a ping pong table where we gather around and play together. 


Q: What does the company do? What is their main activity?

A: Lead Supply is a fintech (financial tech) company which has as mission to make the loan market more transparent, convenient and digital. This company is the portal between users who are looking for a loan and banks. 


Q: What is your advice for other students when it comes to choosing an internship company? 

A: I recommend them to know in which area of marketing they would like to do the internship in before starting the searches. Once they know this, the process will be easier. I recommend them to do a lot of research on Google and always use LinkedIn because most of the companies are online. It is always a good idea to participate in Company Dating events organized by Dania Academy, too. I recommend to have a well-prepared cover letter and CV. It helps a lot to be organized and track the emails sent.

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