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A hybrid internship

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Erhvervsakademi Dania

Remi is a 20-years old student in Marketing Management at Dania Academy, Campus Viborg. He is currently on the last phase of the studies, which is the Internship Semester, and he is practicing his marketing abilities through an intense internship at Dania Academy, Hybrid Degrees. A highly motivated person, Remi got inspired to move to Denmark by his parents who have previously been working in Denmark. Since he was a young boy, Remi loved the country and the culture. He always felt that everyone was happy and that brought joy and peace to him.

Moving to Denmark

Remi was looking for something different and wanted to challenge himself. Before the end of high school, he was presented with options of studying abroad and Dania Academy, was the one he felt to go with. ‘’I got most of my inspiration from listening to business podcasts and watching videos and decided that marketing would be one of the jobs I would enjoy to work with’’, says Remi. With a diverse background from theater acting to coding, Remi is not afraid to take up on a challenge.

‘’I am always up for a good challenge and I always want to keep myself busy. I even started learning how to play guitar now during the pandemic’’, he smiles.

Remigijus Gudauskas



Remi is responsible for Video Editing and Animation Content and until now, he seems to enjoy it quite a lot. ‘’During my internship at Hybrid Degrees, I acquired a new set of skills and I learned how to work with various types of tools. Although due to the pandemic, I work from my home office, I enjoy the flexibility, he says.




In the future, Remi thinks about a career in business and perhaps a top-up Degree in the field. After 2 years in Denmark, he now has lots of international experience, a handful of international friends and a new mindset about life

‘’ My international studies have provided made me more self-confident and gave me freedom to follow my voice’’, he concludes.

Remigijus Gudauskas

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