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Coronavirus: Information for students

Important Information

Dear students,

Latest news: 12 May

We now know the plan for the next two steps for reopening Denmark.

As expected, the government will only allow very limited reopening of higher-education institutions:

  • Workshop and clinic classes
  • Exams requiring workshops and clinics
  • Continuing and further education and training in small groups
  • A few activities crucial to institutions and students

The board of directors must approve all activities, which must follow specific guidelines. Note also that the minimum social distancing has now been reduced to 1 meter.

Unless the management of your local campus tells you otherwise, you must expect all classes and exams to be conducted online until our summer vacation.

You can find official details on the gradual reopening here:


Latest news: 7 April

The Ministry has decided to gradually reopen our institutions. In general, a number of initiatives initiated as part of the effort to spread COVID-19 are being extended.

Dania Academy will be physically closed until 10 May 2020.

The Minister mentions that it has been a difficult priority, with the scale of reopening constantly having to be weighed in relation to the health-related considerations to continue to limit the spread of COVID19.

We will continue to work closely with the ministry to find solutions regarding the situation. Dania Academy is closely following the trend and is trying to keep this page updated in accordance with government announcements.


Please read more below

  • Dania students who are in Denmark

    The government has decided that educational institutions should close physical education for 2 weeks, starting Friday, March 13th. 

    You are still expected to be active , and you will receive inquiries from your teachers and local study coordinators on how you are expected to work during these weeks.

    What happens after the 14 days is still unknown, but we follow the situation closely and we update our website as soon as we know something new.

  • Students in internships

    If possible, you should continue your internship. Note the latest news above if you are studying abroad. If your internship is cancelled, the local study management and counsellors will assess whether we can approve your internship despite the reduced period. If this is not the case, we will assess which objectives you need to obtain. You will then be given the opportunity to carry out your internship at a later time in your education. If this is not possible, you may be asked to make other assignments to substitute the missing part of your internship.

  • Internships, study stays and study trips abroad

    Students doing an internship or a study stay abroad have received a separate message from the International Department. Please note the latest news above on this matter. The above precautions also apply to stays abroad. Furthermore, we are following the travel guidelines of the Danish Foreign Ministry, which also apply to study trips. The local study management at each campus will inform you further of this, but most study trips planned for the spring have been cancelled.


    What you need to do if you choose to stay abroad doing your internship or study abroad semester?

    • Immediately contact Dania’s International Department and your study coordinator
    • Register on “List of Danes” if you understand Danish. This list is the fastest way for the Foreign Ministry to send you important information and updates about the country in which you are located. Your home country may offer similar services.
      • Follow the advice of your host institution/internship company and the local authorities of your host country
      • Stay in close and continuous contact with your relatives and your network to make sure that both you and they feel safe.

    What you need to do if you choose to return to Denmark?

    • Immediately contact Dania’s International Department and your study coordinator
    • Contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on or +4533921112 before making any travel arrangements

    It is your own decision whether you want to stay abroad or come back to Denmark or your home country. 


    Please contact Dania's international department and your study programme coordinator.

  • Tests and Exams

    We expect to be able to carry out most tests and exams online to avoid any delays in your studies. You will receive further information about this from your local study management.

  • COVID-19 and SU

You can find more information as well as answers to several other questions on the Ministry's website. 

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