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COVID-19 information for students

Important Information

Latest news: 14 June 2021

Dear students,

We are pleased to inform you that the requirement for a face mask will be lifted on Monday 14 June. In addition, the recommendation to keep a distance of 1-2 meters at the educational institution is lifted.


After the summer holidays on 1 August, the requirement to be able to present a negative test result when attending the educational institution is also abolished.


We will continue to have a special focus on cleaning and the using of hand sanitizer. Likewise, the general advice on infection prevention is maintained with a focus on testing and isolation in case of symptoms, ventilation and good hygiene, as stated in our guidelines during the corona pandemic.


If the epidemic unexpectedly develops in a worrying direction, it may be necessary to reintroduce one or more restrictions.


Regarding face masks, it may still be appropriate to use these in certain situations if it makes you most comfortable.


Read more in English about the restrictions here: If you have any questions, please contact your local study management.



You can find more information as well as answers to several other questions on the Ministry's website. 

Entering Denmark as an international student

Can I enter Denmark as a student?

Under the authorities’ current guidelines for travel to Denmark, you can travel to Denmark in order to study. However, in order to enter the country, you must be traveling from a country that is not classified ‘red’ in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark’s travel advisories. 

If you are traveling from a land categorized as ‘orange’, ‘yellow’ or ‘green’, you may enter the country (For orange it is necessary that the educational institution that you are attending is open and requires that you are physically present to attend courses or exams that take place on campus. If all your courses and exams are delivered online, you will not be allowed to enter.)

Please note that it is important that you familiarise yourself with the Danish authorities’ guidelines on the terms and conditions of entry, as additional restrictions and requirements regarding entry into Denmark may apply for certain categories:

For non-EU students applications for the student residence permit is now possible again. 


Will I have to self-isolate after entry in Denmark?

Travel restrictions depend on where you are from and they change frequently. Generally, everyone entering Denmark must take a COVID-19 test after entry and subsequently isolate themselves for ten days. 

Please read this information carefully before you plan your travels to Denmark.

If you are traveling from a land categorized as ‘orange’, ‘you will have to self-isolate - like written above. If you are traveling from a land categorized as ‘green’ or ‘yellow’ you do not need to self-isolate. 

It’s important that you familiarise yourself with the Danish authorities’ guidelines on the terms and conditions of entry: 


What is the current situation in Denmark?

  1. Facemasks are now only required in all public transportation if you have to stand up.
  2. Restaurants, bars, gyms etc have reopened, but restrictions may apply.
  3. The Danish Health Authority currently expects all adults in Denmark to have been offered vaccination in September 2021. Vaccinations are offered according to age with older people being vaccinated first and younger people being vaccinated last.   

  4. Remember to keep a safe distance and to wash your hands often.



The above information is based on current knowledge. As the situation of the novel coronavirus is constantly evolving, this site will be continuously updated

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