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China Experience Programme

All students entering Dania’s AP-degree in Hospitality and Tourism and bachelor’s degree in International Hospitality Management have the opportunity to take part in the ''China Experience Programme”, a 5 ECTS credit giving course that is integrated in your education.

It is a "once in a lifetime" experience

Experience China as a student

Spend 14 days of studying in Shanghai and Beijing – being enrolled at one of our Chinese partner universities and working with actual assignments for Danish and Chinese companies within Tourism, Hotel & Restaurant as well as Event management.


Shanghai is China’s largest and most modern city – the centre of business, technology and design and has a population of more than 24 million people.  Beijing on the other hand is China’s cultural and political centre and gives a perfect insight into China’s enormous historical heritage. Together, the two cities are the driving force behind the fast growing tourism industry in China.


Prepare yourself for the future and give your CV an extra boost with the China Experience Programme

We look forward to enrolling you in the program!

More information and contact


China Experience Programme is offered each year in April.


China Experience Programme consists of two-weeks of study in China


Shanghai and Beijing


5 ECTS-points


You can apply for admission to the China Experince Programme in September. 

Programme Director

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