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Research and Development

At Dania, we integrate knowledge and the most current trends in our educational programmes. Also, we include new and relevant knowledge that comes from in depth research.

Lecturers are important in relation to Dania’s knowledge. In cooperation with our students, our lecturers participate in development projects and work with businesses.


Dania Academy possesses several research and development centres and academic environments.

The research centre and academic environment cooperate with external interests, companies and organisations while simultaneously involving our educational programmes, in order to link newly acquired knowledge with physical practise. The end result providing; graduates, who can put their theoretical knowledge into practise in the business world.

Academic Environments

Dania Academy possesses an academic environment, in which we have a specific academic focus, providing Dania with particular qualifications. Our focus lies in using recent knowledge and maintaining a high academic standard.

The Danish Institute of Retail
delivers the most recent knowledge about retail and consumer behaviour to companies in and around the retail business. 

The Optometry Programme and Research 

There are on-going research and project-work in our professional bachelor's degree in optometry. The academic environment connected to the optometry education covers research and development projects, plus cooperation with external universities. For instance, Dania and Aarhus University Hospital cooperate on a project concerning sight checking of schoolchildren. Since autumn 2008, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8thgraders have been offered a sight check every year, performed by the graduate students at the school of optometry. Should the sight check show any problems, the child is offered an extensive sight check at the school of optometry with a subsequent recommendation of treatment. The Department of Ophthalmology at Aarhus University Hospital is involved in the project and, today, lecturers at the school of Optometry describe a long-running research project in which the main research topics are:

  • the occurrence of sight complications
  • to what degree schoolchildren grow out of sight complications at different ages
  • if the occurrence of sight complications is statistically significant among schoolchildren with reading disabilities compared to schoolchildren without reading disabilities
  • the effect of treatment of sight complications in clinical trials, if the sight complications are statistically associated with reading disabilities

The School of Optometry helps the visually impaired in Norddjurs-, Syddjurs-, Favreskov- and Randers council.

Help for disabled people, including people who are visually impaired, is a job for the council.
In 2010 the four councils; Norddjurs, Syddjurs, Favreskov and Randers created a community – Synssamarbejde Midt- with the purpose of handling the patient care for visually impaired, instead of having to buy treatments and solutions in other councils. As the clinical collaborator, the clinic for the visually impaired at the school of Optometry was chosen to perform the patient care. This means that people no longer have to travel to Aarhus or Glostrup in order to get help, but have the opportunity to be treated at Dania Academy in Randers.

The clinic for the visually impaired will perform other tasks too. Through the work done with patients, a vast amount of knowledge is gathered. This is then implemented into the lectures at the academy, but is also used in academic articles on the subject. Therefore, the knowledge and experience gathered will help future patients.
Also, the clinic researches new ways to help the visually impaired, the late brain damaged and mentally challenged.



Director of Research and Development
Erhvervsakademi Dania
Senior Lecturer
Erhvervsakademi Dania