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Meet us

At Dania, we always try to meet people where they are.

Several times each year, our international coordinators travel to many parts of the world to meet potential students and partners. We are constantly updating the list of international fairs, events and conferences we attend. For detailed information, please see the list below.


International Fairs and Conferences


27 May - 1 June

Dania Representative: Lise Bøgild-Jakobsen




11-14 September

Dania Representative: Lise Bøgild-Jakobsen


Dania Representative: Flemming K. Andersen








Who are we?

We are Danish Academy and the programmes we offer focus on applied degrees within technology, IT, business and health. Five of our 21 programmes are taught in English.

With nearly 2500 full-time students, of which 300 are international, and a high number of part-time students, we play an important role within education in Denmark. 

Dania Academy officially opened on 1 January 2009 and has around 175 full-time employees.  


Dania Academy develops and offers practice-oriented higher-education programmes at undergraduate level (AP and BA degrees).

Our programmes combine theory with practice and we highly value group and project work.
We have strong ties to and work closely together with the industry introducing real-life cases and internships for our students.


Director of Counselling and Internationalization
Erhvervsakademi Dania
International Communications & Marketing Coordinator
Erhvervsakademi Dania