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For parents

When your son or daughter joins us at Dania Academy in Denmark it marks the start of an exciting new phase in life – for all of you!

Dania Academy develops and offers practice-oriented higher-education programmes that help students combine theory with practice and prepares them for real life situations.

Our students are starting an exciting journey towards a successful career guided by our staff who work closely with them in order to help them fulfill their potential.

We want to welcome all parents to be involved in helping their children succeed at Dania Academy and therefore we have prepared a dedicated information page about financial aspects, accommodation and many more.


  • What are the costs?

    Students from EU/EEA countries and Switzerland

    The AP Degree Programmes at Dania Academy - are free of charge for students from EU/EEAcountries and Switzerland.

    Students from countries outside the EU/EE

    Due to Danish legislation students from non-EU/EEA countries taking a higher education in Denmark have to pay a tuition fee.


    All international students must pay a Service Package fee of 150 euro prior to admission. The compulsory Service Package fee covers expenses such as introduction arrangements, Danish culture course, student card, materials fee, database licenses and around the clock student counselling. In addition to the service package. Dania offers introductory courses such as project based study techniques and preparatory courses in mathematics and economics. We strongly recommend students to participate in the introductory courses, as this will highly help to successfully complete studies in Denmark.

    You can find more detailed information in the section called ‘’Financial Matters’’.

  • When does the academic year start?

    Courses usually start at the beginning of September; however, students can also enroll to take (non-compulsory) introductory courses in subjects such as Economics and Mathematics. These courses normally start two weeks before the regular academic year opening.

  • What should we focus on during the application process?

    Before applying, your son or daughter needs to ensure that Dania’s academic programmes would be a good fit. To determine fit, prospective students are encouraged to:


    • research the Academy and its programs
    • review admissions criteria
    • talk with faculty, staff and students about how they might pursue their interests at Dania Academy
    • visit campus (if possible)


    Secondly, once a potential student is comfortable that Dania would be a good fit, he or she is ready to apply. Dania requires students to send an online application including all the necessary official documentation and an essay describing their goals, interests and passions. The Admissions team looks for students demonstrating unique combinations of academic achievement, talent, community engagement and creativity.

  • When do students have school breaks so that I can plan my student’s flights home?

    Students are generally told about breaks at the beginning of classes.

    But you can anticipate breaks around Christmas, Easter and summer time.

  • What do you recommend in terms of airport transportation?

    Our two international campuses are located in Viborg and Randers, therefore it would be recommended to use one of the airports located in Jutland, such as Billund, Karup…

    The airport in Copenhagen is also an option, however, following the flight the student must travel by bus or train in order to reach the Jutland area. All of the airport websites have information about transportation options.

  • What resources are available if my student encounters problems?

    For personal/campus life issues: Our Central Study Counselor is here to help students deal with personal, residential, social and non-academic related concerns. Students can easily stop by the Study Counselor’s office for a personal meeting within the allocated time schedule or they might wish to check the Academy website for information first.

    For academic concerns: If a student is having a problem in a particular course, the best course of action is for him or her to discuss the problem with a lecturer as soon as possible. All lecturers have office hours and are also willing to make an appointment to meet with a student during office hours. Students can also discuss academic issues with their Study Counselor or with their tutors. Tutors may also refer to other students or to other resources on campus (e.g the Buddy Program)

Information in multiple languages

Information in multiple languages including Romanian, Hungarian, Chinese, Lithuanian and many more will be available soon.

Accommodation and housing


The municipality of Viborg guarantees all new students a place to live.

As a new incoming student to the municipality of Viborg there are several options regarding accommodation. New dormitories are situated just across the street from Campus and offer a variety of more than 11 different types of rooms, both single and double rooms.


Most of our international students choose to live at the student dormitory Randers Kollegiegård. The dormitory is situated app. 8 km from Dania. There are several bus lines going downtown and direct bus connections to the Academy. All rooms are furnished.


Find out all the relevant information about the application process, student life in our international campuses as well as about fees and the Danish educational system.